Wednesday, August 24, 2011


'Sperm Meets Egg Plan'

so here is how it works...
  • Start baby making intercourse on CD 8 and continue every second day until you get a + OPK
  • Start your OPK testing on CD10 and continue until you have a positive, still having intercourse every second day.
  • Once your OPK turns positive, have baby making intercourse for 3 consecutive nights/days, skil the 4th day and have intercourse on the 5th day just for good measure.
  • If your OPK doesn't turn positive, continue with intercourse every second day until CD35 then test for pregnancy.
Some websites suggested elevating hips for 10-30 minutes after baby making intercourse. They recommend baby making intercourse for three days in a row once positive OPK is confirm, skip one night, and then do the baby making intercourse for a couple more days. 

I will tell my husband about this plan tonight; can't wait to see his reaction!


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