Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yes!!! Can't wait <3

The best card I received from my husband...

It reads...
The translation services were experiencing higher than usual call volumes between 5/12-5/15.
This message was received 5/12 by a very eager & excited baby that can't wait to be in your arms.
Hurry up 12/12/12!

... Someone pinch me, please!!! Is this real?!? So in love with my husband and baby!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Telling Our Parents! + brothers

If it was up to my husband, the whole world who have known about our pregnancy within seconds of the "official call" from the fertility clinic. He really did want to tell his parents our news so I texted my mother-in-law this:

Me: We want to meet up at Fudruckers with you guys tonight :) called and left a message for dad.
MIL: Special occasion? Just hungry?
Me: We are off for vacation. Can't we just go out with our parents without any questions?
MIL: Vacation? Ah, what a beautiful word!
Me: So 7 at Fudruckers?
MIL: Sounds good. Tine wanted me to work till 8 with her! Thank goodness I have an excuse!

Nathan airbrushed these awesome t-shirts that read:

"You are going to be grandparents" 

We wore the t-shirts under our sweaters. We ordered our food, and then took our sweaters off. Nathan's dad was the first one to realized the message on the t-shirt. Nathan's dad got my MIL's attention and once she realized the news, her eyes were watering! It was the amazing! We hugged, laughed, and enjoyed our dinner together. Our first dinner as a family of 5... Nathan, his mom, his dad, our baby, and I :) 

The next day, we went to my parents house. Nathan really REALLY wanted to tell my brothers the news. They have an unique kind of relationship. He wanted to tell them before telling my parents. We went over my parents house, and this time, Nathan wore a shirt that read, 

"You are going to be an uncle"

My brothers can be so slow sometimes, it took them a bit to realized the message... here is the video:

...we waited for my mom to get home and I was wearing the t-shirt Nathan made the previous day. I just unzipped my sweater and asked her to see what Nathan made for me. 

She freaked out; started screaming, covering her face. We couldn't tell whether or not she was crying... but her reaction was pretty priceless. 

As far as my dad, Nathan told him on our way to North Carolina for a mini vacation, in front of a radio shack... We are all so happy! My dad even told the people at Radio Shack that he was going to be a grandfather.  

We celebrated that night with champagne, great food, and called our family in Venezuela to tell them the news. Everyone screamed, cried! Finally, Nathan and I are pregnant!  

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Miracles do happen to those who believe in endless possibilities.
 I always dream to be a mother, to give my husband the joy of parenthood.
 To create a life with our love.
 Infertility stopped us for a while but we ended up winning this battle.
 I have no words to express all my feelings, but I am happy to announce:


On Thursday, March 29, 2012, I needed to use the bathroom. As I walked into our bathroom, I had a huge desire to test. I was prepare for the worse... you start thinking this way after seeing so many single lines. I grabbed a test, peed on the stick, and waited. I went to see what my puppy was doing... I came back to this.

Call me crazy, but there WAS a line. I kept taking the test around the house to put under different lights to make sure I wasn't crazy. So, even though there was a line, I just couldn't believe it. I remember I couldn't wait for my husband to come home. When he finally came home, I tried asking him if he saw a line, and he said, "Ana, I am not riding this roller coaster with you, I am going to wait until Monday for the blood test". I don't blame him for not wanting to even take a look at my positive test... it has been a single line for years, but I was pretty sure IT WAS POSITIVE! We made dinner and watched TV. 

Over the next few days, I became obsessed with testing. If you don't believe me, take a look at this:

On Saturday, March 31st, 2012... I was online while my husband was mowing the grass outside. THEN, I remember... "I have a First Response Sensitive Test". I quickly looked for it, peed on the stick, and there it was... A SECOND LINE! Yet another faint line. But it was there. I went to twitter and asked, "how reliable are first response pregnancy test"... everyone said, "pretty reliable". I don't know why, but I ran downstairs with no pants, and told my husband, "I think I am pregnant!". He was so mad... he looked at me and closed the door! Oh yea, I forgot he didn't want to know until the blood test day but I couldn't help it. I ran back upstairs, after doing a little dance, and sat on my bed, and just CRIED! Could this really be it? Here is the First Response picture, once again, you can't see the line, but I promised you there were two lines there:

I kept testing and testing until and even after our blood test. By Sunday, April 1st, 2012... I was convinced that I couldn't get that many faint lines in so many different tests if I wasn't pregnant.I went to Walmart and bought more 'First Response Tests". So I took one on Sunday morning and the test line was DARKER!

 I told my husband that my friend, Isis, wanted to hang out. He went skating and I went shopping for a present. I knew he didn't want to know until the next day, so I started watching a show on the computer very loud so he would kick me out of the room since he was too online. I politely offered to go to the office and got his present all ready. 

On Monday, April 2nd, 2012, we went to the fertility clinic at 8:00am. My blood was drawn, and we left. I forgot my progesterone at home so we had no choice but to drive back home. We came home, and took a nap. The day was going by so slow. The doctor told us if we come before 10:00am, we would get the results the same day. Before leaving,  I told my husband that I wanted to take my baby diaper bag for good luck, he thought I was crazy, but little did he know, his present was there. We were driving to the skate park, when my husband saw an electric car drive by Wegmans, and then suddenly, I find myself sitting in a car dealership.  I kept staring at my phone; waiting for the call. My husband did tell me he wanted to be there when we received the call. We were together the whole time, and the minute he walked away to talk to someone, the phone rang. I tried getting his attention but he was engaged in a conversation with the sales person and someone else. I answered the phone and Nurse L sounded so happy... 

This is what she said, word by word, no joke:

"Hi Ana, I am calling you about your blood work. 
It's positive... 
Congratulations, you are pregnant"

Did she seriously just told me, I AM PREGNANT! Is this a joke? I couldn't cry... smile, jump! Nothing, I was literally SHOCKED! I go back inside to see if my husband is done talking. I asked him if he wants to go outside with me. He didn't want to; he was in car shopping mode. He kept asking me if everything was okay. I told him I got the call... He said, "Oh I am sorry". I guess I just didn't have any emotions left in me. My eyes got teary, and I said "we are pregnant".

He quickly reached for my cellphone and called the fertility clinic. It was the funniest conversation EVER!... It went something like this, This is Nathan, and I want to know my wife's blood results. She is not around me so she told me to call you guys. WHAT? She is pregnant, like RIGHT NOW pregnant....

He later told me that the nurse said, yes pregnant as of right now, yesterday, tomorrow! 

We hugged! We just couldn't believe it!!!! We finally went to the car where I gave him his gift.
For that day on, we started a new chapter in our lives. 

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Pea in the pod

I am obsessed with maternity dresses; don't ask me why. 
I found this website that sells the cutest maternity maxi dresses. 
I cannot wait to purchase some of these! 




Loving these maternity dresses! 

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I miss blogging! I will back to full blogging in about two weeks... Be prepare for new fun exciting posts about my birthday, anniversary, husband's birthday, and puppy's an update about my infertility. In the mean time, enjoy this picture of puppy Chloe.

How is everyone doing?