Sunday, May 20, 2012

Telling Our Parents! + brothers

If it was up to my husband, the whole world who have known about our pregnancy within seconds of the "official call" from the fertility clinic. He really did want to tell his parents our news so I texted my mother-in-law this:

Me: We want to meet up at Fudruckers with you guys tonight :) called and left a message for dad.
MIL: Special occasion? Just hungry?
Me: We are off for vacation. Can't we just go out with our parents without any questions?
MIL: Vacation? Ah, what a beautiful word!
Me: So 7 at Fudruckers?
MIL: Sounds good. Tine wanted me to work till 8 with her! Thank goodness I have an excuse!

Nathan airbrushed these awesome t-shirts that read:

"You are going to be grandparents" 

We wore the t-shirts under our sweaters. We ordered our food, and then took our sweaters off. Nathan's dad was the first one to realized the message on the t-shirt. Nathan's dad got my MIL's attention and once she realized the news, her eyes were watering! It was the amazing! We hugged, laughed, and enjoyed our dinner together. Our first dinner as a family of 5... Nathan, his mom, his dad, our baby, and I :) 

The next day, we went to my parents house. Nathan really REALLY wanted to tell my brothers the news. They have an unique kind of relationship. He wanted to tell them before telling my parents. We went over my parents house, and this time, Nathan wore a shirt that read, 

"You are going to be an uncle"

My brothers can be so slow sometimes, it took them a bit to realized the message... here is the video:

...we waited for my mom to get home and I was wearing the t-shirt Nathan made the previous day. I just unzipped my sweater and asked her to see what Nathan made for me. 

She freaked out; started screaming, covering her face. We couldn't tell whether or not she was crying... but her reaction was pretty priceless. 

As far as my dad, Nathan told him on our way to North Carolina for a mini vacation, in front of a radio shack... We are all so happy! My dad even told the people at Radio Shack that he was going to be a grandfather.  

We celebrated that night with champagne, great food, and called our family in Venezuela to tell them the news. Everyone screamed, cried! Finally, Nathan and I are pregnant!  

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