Saturday, August 20, 2011

Being Active!

By the way, a great stress reliever is to exercise and be active (especially after a long day at work)- even if it is for 20 minutes every day, you don't even have to actually go to a gym for this... it can be done at work, and or home.

Being active while at work:
  • Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs
  • Instead of printing your work on your printer (yes, the one right next to you)- use the office printer (especially if it is located in the other side of your office).
  • Don't send anyone to get your mail or drop off your packages; get up and walk 
  • Park on the top floor of your work garage and don't take the elevator! I currently park on floor 5 and just use the stairs
  • and my favorite; if you are thirsty, don't buy water available at your work's cafeteria... if you have a 7eleven or a convenience store near you; just walk there. I have a 7eleven a block again from my building and walk there all the time to get water or whatever I may "need".
Being active while at home:
  • If you have a dog, take your dog for a walk (I don't do this nearly as much as I should)
  • Don't just sit on the couch all the time (I sit on my couch all the time but I am going to change this habit soon)
  • Don't drive to your mailbox- walk to your mailbox
  • Don't ask your husband to take the laundry basket to the basement for you- do it your self (I am guilty of this, not going to lie). 
and what I am trying new this month is:

I learned about this from Natasha on her blog 'Little Pink Monster'; if you are not following her, you are missing on great crafty tutorials, great recipes, and much more!

I am a natural shopaholic :-)
Just take a look at this picture she shared:

Don't you just love this???

Check out her blog, you will fall in love (GUARANTEE)


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