Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prenatal / TTC Pharmacy!

I can officially call my bathroom and nightstand a prenatal/TTC pharmacy! 

I was getting ready to go night night yesterday and I looked at my night stand and I started laughing, then I went to bathroom and looked at my sink and Oh my... I have so many TTC "items". 

So, right on top of my stand, I currently have: 

  • Digital Basal Thermometer: I purchased this from I just started charting this week, and it has been a learning experience. The ONLY complaint I have about this thermometer is that it takes too long to take your temperature and when you are only waking up to take your temp, 2 to 3 minutes seem forever. 
  • BBT Chart: this came with my thermometer. I need it right next to me so I can write the information down right away, so I won't forget to write it or use the thermometer the following day deleting the saved temperature from the day before (Yes, I tend to forget things). 
  • Cyclebeads: my friend gave this to me last month. I often joke that I going to wear them around so everyone knows what I am up to when it reaches the "white" beads. You can purchase this from
  • Pregnancy books: I literally take my books with me everywhere. I asked my husband to hold my purse one day and he asked me why my purse was so heavy and whether or not it hurts my shoulders... he looked inside and said 'Oh my, you know you don't have to carry these with you all the time'. I know that but whenever I feel like it, I can pull them out of my purse, reach them as I wake up--- and just read and dream about being pregnant!
and this is what I have on top of my sink:
  • Wondfo LH Test Strips: I purchased this the day my husband told me 'let's get pregnant'... Once again, I got this from It is very easy to use, 3 seconds dip in your urine, and 5 minutes wait for the result. I usually set a timer and come back right after 5 minutes.
  • Wondfo HCG Test Strips: Since I thought we were for sure going to be pregnant this past cycle, I bought the Wondfo HCG test strips.... these strips allow you to test as early as 12 DOP. I learned the hard wait to be patient and not test too early. It is too emotional to get a BFN... Once again, purchased from
  • Prenatal Vitamins: I bought these because they were pink. I know, silly! but I love pink... I purchased this from CVS.
  • Fertilaid: I bought these a few months ago, but haven't started taking them yet. I read so many great reviews about this product but I think I am going to wait. I really just want to conceive naturally, but if it doesn't happen soon then I may start taking these. I purchased this from
  • Pee Plastic Cups: I bought tiny plastic cups because I got tired of washing a cup every day after using for either a LCH test or HCG test...
and I am adding a new item to my sink this week:
  • Preseed lubricant: I am buying this from CVS today and plan on using as soon as I get my positive OPK. I read great reviews about this product and there are REAL doctors who recommend this, so if it doesn't hurt the sperm and increases your chances of getting pregnant, I do not see the harm on spending an extra $20.00. 
With a free stress work environment, a positive attitude, and all these great tools- I am looking forward to my BIG FAT POSITIVE soon... 

Did you know that you have a 70% chance of becoming pregnant in the first three months of TTC? That made my day today...

Yes, it is true that you have 20-30% chance every month... but there is something about this knew information that I found that makes me be more optimistic about my TTC journey!



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