Friday, December 23, 2011


You guys have no idea how much I appreciate your e-mails, comments, tweets, etc. Thank you for all the prayers! Before I leave my mother-in-law house, I figured I will give you a quick update on what's going on. I had an ultrasound done on CD13 and had a few follicles measuring at 21mm. I was so worried on CD11 that my follicles were not big enough, but I guess my body is responding well to the Clomid on 50mg. On CD13, the doctor gave me the trigger shot (HCG)... My arm hurt so bad afterwards, my dear husband thought I was being a baby. But it really does hurt.
I got a positive OPK that night, and a negative one the following morning. So, my doctor was right when he told me I would be ovulating in 36 hours; that would have been 3:00am today. As mentioned earlier, I had some mild cramping. They bothered me a little bit, but once I was able to fall asleep, I felt just fine. We followed the doctor's instructions as far as timed intercourse and now are in the two week waiting period. I go back to the doctor's on Dec 28th to check my progesterone levels and determinate if I ovulated or not.
I am guessing the mild cramping was my follicle(s) rupturing and the egg(s) being released; who knows! I do not know what it feels to ovulate since I haven't ovulated before. So, here I am, taking it easy, and crossing my fingers and praying that this is it for us :)

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  1. Oh i hope the 2 weeks goes quickly for ya!!! Will be praying like mad!!! Have a fantastic, relaxed Christmas and New Years!!

  2. I just love reading about this amazing journey!! Enjoy this Christmas season and hopefully you will hear good news soon!!!

  3. @Renee

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Renee!!! I hope this is it for us too... can't wait to find out.

    I am praying like mad too! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas :)

    Can you believe there are only 4 days left for New Years?

  4. @Olivia Grace

    Thank you for reading our story, Olivia!

    We are here hoping and praying for good news :)