Monday, December 19, 2011

My Doctor is so...

I am ANGRY! and here is why...
I have been interacting with a lot of women who are going through fertility treatments on twitter (love twitter) and we shared our stories and what we are going through; its a support group. I was twitting about being on Clomid, side effects, etc. I received a direct message asking me if I am getting an ultrasound today. huh? an ultrasound, why? So, I started getting more messages about this.
I quickly turned to Google and typed "CD 11 Clomid Ultrasound" or something similar... within seconds, I found over 1000 hits on having an ultrasound done on CD11 when on Clomid to measure my follicles and check my lining....

This is all interesting to me since my doctor did not mention anything. I patiently waited for his office to open and called to DEMAND an ultrasound... well, I didn't really demand the ultrasound! But confirmed that; in fact, I needed to get this ultrasound :tears, tears:

I politely told the receptionist that I was not aware I needed this ultrasound and why was I finding out this information from the internet and not my doctor. She did not have an answer other than the doctor is busy today so he can't see you. EXCUSE ME! no, no, no, no... The doctor WILL see me today. Not only did he neglected telling me about this, but my whole cycle could have gone down the drain if it was not because of TWITTER.... TWITTER Y'ALL!!!

Okay. So I told her I was coming with or without an appointment. She agreed to see me in the afternoon. I told her that since I just found out about needing to come in today that it would have to be after I was done with my work; which is what I did.

So, I went to the appointment and the doctor acted like everything was normal. He did the ultrasound and simply just said, "there are a lot of follicles, one measuring at 12mm and another one at 10mm; please come back on Wednesday, depending on the follicles size, we may do a trigger shot".... hmmm okay, so is this information good or bad? I do not know...

At this point, I do not know where I stand in this cycle. My question, is 12mm and or 10mm follicles a good thing? I would love for you to share your story if you know anything about this.

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  1. 10 and 12 mm follies are a good start. I usually trigger when my follies are about 18 - 20 mms. It's not uncommon to be unmonitored while on Clomid - even though you should be ideally. I did 7 rounds of Clomid and was only monitored for 2 of the them. Good luck!

  2. Praying for you and your beautiful family!! I hope you find the answers, you are so brave and I hope that good news is coming your way soon!

  3. I wish you all the luck and happiness in having a baby.


  4. @Lauren

    Thank you for sharing, Lauren. I found out afterwards that it is not uncommon for a doctor not to monitor during your first medicated cycle. I am glad I did though. I had a few follicles measuring 21mm on CD13, so I did the trigger shot and are now waiting...

    I had mild cramping; especially on my right ovary... everyone keeps telling me its a good thing. Did you have any side effects?

  5. @Christa Cox

    I did :) Sent you an e-mail back, and responded to your tweet!

  6. @Olivia Grace

    Thank you, Olivia! I am really hoping for good news soon :)

  7. @✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life

    Thank you so much! I am really hoping for good news soon... I am praying, and hoping this is it for us :)