Thursday, December 29, 2011

CD 21 / 7 DPO

Progesterone test done this morning; won't know the result until Tuesday!
To say, I am emotional today, is an understatement...
I truly do have the best husband ever. When I tried crying this morning, because I felt these cramps indicate AF is coming, he just hugged me and said, "It is okay; even if it doesn't work out this cycle; there is always next cycle".

I am still holding onto the little hope I have left within me!
I am still praying this is it for us :)

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  1. Good luck! It sounds like you have a patient and kind husband, so you can't ask for a better partner :)

  2. @Kendra

    Thank you, Kendra! I am lucky to have such a patient husband... and you are right, I couldn't ask for a better partner :-)

    Love your profile picture; so cute!