Friday, December 9, 2011


So here we go again! I am officially on CD1... to say I am scared is an understatement. 4 more days until I start my first round of Clomid. I pray and hope this works.

Here is our plan:

  • Clomid CD5-9
  • Preseed 
  • OPKs; starting CD8
  • SMEP; BD'ing starting CD8 
  • and our doctor's recommendation to BD 36 hours after the "smiley" face appears
Praying for a smiley face! Wish us luck :-)

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  1. Just caught up on your last few post. Ill be praying for some good news and some peace for yall. I can't imagine going through such a frustrating time. That story about Nathan and his mom is sweet though. Have a great weekend, love. xo

  2. Kate,

    Thank you! I am doing a lot better. I am just anxious now. I can't imagine going through this without Nathan's parents support. They are truly amazing. I hope you have a great weekend too. XOXO

  3. Best of luck! - Enjoy the journey!
    found you VIA hop-along-friday
    check me out at if you get a chance, I'd LOVE another follower <3

  4. @Krystyl

    Thank you for your well wishes! I am trying to enjoy the journey, but there is not much to enjoy about infertility. I will check out your blog. I love reading/discovering new blogs!