Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have a doctor's appoinment tomorrow and I am freaking out.

Also, oh my... I have been cramping on and off. It started two days ago, but they were tiny-mild-almost-not-there cramps (you get the picture)...they were so mild that I thought I was for sure making it up.

But that was not the case last night. I was cramping throughout the night; it was so bad, that I woke up a few times. It is way too early for AF cramps, so...

Could this be a good sign?
Maybe implantation?
No brown spotting or anything, but you know what they say, implantation can occur any time from 5-12 days past ovulation, and since I am hopefull this cycle,

I am concluding it WAS implantation cramping :-)

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  1. Oh fingers crossed and praying!!! (I never had any implantation bleeding, just for the record!)

  2. @Kate @ Daffodils

    Still praying and hoping for some good news!!! Happy New Years!

  3. @Renee

    HURRAY for not implantation bleeding because so far, I haven't had it... Keeping my fingers crossed. Happy New Year!

    BTW, those pictures of your little one are so so so so cute!