Friday, September 2, 2011

Actively Trying!

This past week, I have been feeling really sad. I love everything about my life; in fact, life is good! But this TTC journey has hit me harder than any obstacles I ever encountered so far. 

I am in love, I have hopes, and I am happy... yet, there is something missing. 

I desperately want to be pregnant! and that's all I can think about....

I am lucky to have a supportive husband who is willing to do any crazy "recommendation" I read online to increase our chances of conceiving. 

I know my husband will do anything to make me happy, but what if I can't give him the joy of parenthood. I know I am being dramatic, but I can't help but think what if... :sigh:

I am not giving up, I know that... and I know that I feel this way today but may feel different tomorrow. The truth is that I have been feeling this way because I have not gotten a positive ovulation reading this cycle. I am still waiting... and the wait kills me! 

Not only do I have to wait for my ovulation date, but then I have to wait two weeks to confirm pregnancy or to say "hi" to my AF! and then it starts all over again... 

I agree with one thing my husband said a few days ago, if we do not get pregnant by Christmas, we are definitely going on a vacation to Cabos or Cancun... We loved Cancun when we went this past May! 

So here are a few things we are currently doing while TTC:
  • We continue to use 'Cycle Beads'- according to this, I am still in the fertile window and have about 5 days left... I started counting the beads when I was spotting, some people tells me that's when you start and some say you start counting the beads when you actually start bleeding... so according to the cycle beads I am on CD15

  • We are currently using 'Pre-seed'- I can't say if it works or not yet because I haven't been able to track my O day this cycle yet.

  • We are doing the SMEP- started on CD 8 (according the cycle beads) or CD 7 according to ...either way, we are 'baby dancing' every other day

  • I am taking my temp every morning at 6:20am even though I still do not understand this charting thing!
  • After 'baby dancing'; laid on bed with my legs up for 30-45 minutes with a pillow underneath me
*** I am using a regular pillow, not the one shown in this picture, 
but I am thinking about purchasing one if needed***
  • I am continuing the use of OPKs and taking prenatal vitamins

Here is to all of you TTC:


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