Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pregnant or Delusional?

So this cycle has been crazy! It was really hard for me to track my ovulation day... some days the lines were dark on the OPKs but not as dark as the control line. That happen for a few days and then it went to no line at all. So, did I ovulate? I think so, but I just don't know when... my chart is so erratic that I can't follow it yet. I do know that my temperature has been high for two days; if it holds up for 16 more days, then I may be pregnant! The chart does show a dip on what I think was 6DPO... staying positive, that's all I am saying! Also, my doctor told me my AF should be here on 09/16... (I'm irregular so I am not sure how he came to this conclusion)...so if I listen to what he has to say, I am currently 4 days late. No sign of AF expect my boobs are sore.

So my question is, am I pregnant or delusional?

I am asking this because I cried this morning on my way to work because my muffin and banana fell on the floor. I just wanted to eat my breakfast and my world ended when my breakfast hit the ground...
-I am not sure how I feel about crying over a muffin! SERIOUSLY?

ahh, my husband just laughed because it was really funny!


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