Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Hubby!

This is the love of my life and I when we were in Cancun, Mexico this past May.
I had so much fun while we were there! There were no worries...
It was perfect...
We spent a lot of time together; just him and I
We went to the pool, to the beach, shopping, to the mall, to different musicals, to the bar, to a casino... we did almost everything we could while we were there.

I am honestly one of the luckiest girl ever! My husband is great... he cooks, he cleans, he loves our dog, he is family oriented, he is smart, intelligence, he is goofy, he loves working out... he is loving, caring! The list can go on and on but I will never finish writing this.

I needed to share this because I remember once my grandfather told me that I would know if my love for someone was real because anything he does would make me feel like a queen... and that's how every girl should feel. That is exactly how I feel when I am around my husband, like a queen! Even when he picks on me for being lazy and disorganized.

I am not kidding when I say, my husband makes me a better person each day. He always pushes me to do better- I learn a lot from him, and I know he will be a great father soon.
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