Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Follicles!

I had my first ultrasound this cycle to check the progress of my follicles. The appointment did not start well as a new nurse insisted that I was there because I got my period. I told her she was wrong. I was there to check on my lining and follicles; in other words, the CD11 ultrasound. I got really upset that she did not know why I was there to begin with and really mad when she kept asking dumb questions like, "when was your last period?" Really? That should have been part of my medical chart on February 2nd. She also kept asking me if the doctor gave me any medication... I kept saying yes Clomid, yes Clomid! But I do not think she was listening.

I briefly talked the doctor about my HSG results since the fertility clinic has not sent the report to him yet. However, I told him that both of my tubes are clear. He then told me about one of his patient, who is now pregnant, after getting the HSG done. This is the first time, I feel like my doctor is giving me hope. He is usually cold and right to the point.

Anyways, here is the good news:

I have two follies. One on the right measuring 19mm and the other one on the left measuring 16mm. My lining is good! This is the first time I have more than one follicle! So I am hoping that this really is it! I have to go back to the doctors tomorrow to check my follies again and possible get the trigger shot. I keep peeping on the LH stick to see if it turns positive today but nothing yet.

DH and I started B'ding since CD8 so TI is our route this cycle. DH is not really okay with moving towards an IUI yet.

It seems as everything on this cycle is going the right way! A normal semen analysis for DH, clear HSG results, and two follies!!!! Needless to say, I will be praying and hoping that his spermies meet both eggs and in two weeks we can finally say, "WE ARE PREGNANT!" 

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  1. Oh wow!!! 2!!! Good luck!! (Loving the pink and red down the past post!!)