Monday, February 27, 2012


I haven't been blogging lately because I am angry. I am angry at myself for letting infertility take so much of my time, tears, and emotions. I have been in a "weird" mood since I entered the #2ww. I only have a few days left and yesterday it felt like my body was getting ready for AF.

My DH and I went to his grandmother's house. I had so much fun. At one point, I started to cramp; a few tiny mild cramps. I am sure if I wasn't paying attention to my body so much, I probably wouldn't had notice this. I went outside to the porch and told DH I thought I was getting my period. He is always such a trooper but I can tell on his eyes that he was sad. Every month is a disappointment and its exhausting.

The #2ww is torturing! It really is...

I had no "symptoms" whatsoever this cycle. NOTHING!
The only "symptom"/thing is my face and chest are breaking out really bad.

I am on CD26 today 11DPO. On Thursday, March 1st, we have a doctor's appoinment with a new RE.
What is next? an IUI? IVF? Am I going from Clomid to injectables? We are not sure at this point.

Have I told you guys DH's feelings about an IUI?

Oh, and this cycle, my current doctor added progesterone gel once a day. If pregnant, I will need to do this until at least 10-12 weeks pregnant.

...when will it be my turn?

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  1. Oh Hun' i cant even begin to imagine what you must be feeling! I cant even think of words that could help, because i dont know if there are any! I hope you continue to 'rant' about these feelings cause at the end of the day its a release for you, and something that might help others who are reading it! I hope and pray that your turn comes soon!!