Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I am on CD6 today and I had the HSG test done today. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I spent the night thinking how I would react if the doctor told me both of my tubes were blocked. I woke up anxious this morning. I didn't want to eat breakfast, take a shower, etc. I knew it had to be done but I was just so afraid. Somehow, I managed to lose the doctor's order for the HSG. I was panicking. I called the doctor's office twice but the doctor was not there, he was with a patient at the hospital.

I went to my appointment; hoping and praying that they will still do the HSG without the doctor's order. They went ahead and did the HSG and IT WAS PAINFUL!

I had a good nurse and a caring RE. He assured me that everything was going to be okay and walked me through the process. He told me everything he was doing at every second and kept inquiring if I was hurt or not. I was fine until he started injecting the "ink". I just hold my breath, closed my eyes, and bit my lips. It was more than uncomfortable, it really did hurt. I saw the monitor a couple times and I started getting teary eyes because I thought both tubes were blocked.

Well, my friends, I am happy to say that the HSG is normal and both tubes are OPEN!!!!!

I sat there and cried... The doctor hold my hand and the nurse gave me a hug. They reassured me that I was going to be okay. The nurse looked at me and said, "I know infertility brings all kind of insecurities, but a lot of people get pregnant after having the HSG, this is maybe your month, don't give up".

I am glad, relief, and happy that both of my tubes are open. I really hope I never have to get another HSG. So for now, I am taking 100mg of Clomid and will be doing the trigger shot and timed intercourse. Wish us luck!

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  1. Both of mine were blocked according to the HSG & I still managed to get pregnant twice...so this is GREAT news for you! :)

  2. That's fantastic news!!! What a great pair you had looking after you too! We'l be praying and keeping our fingers crosssed for ya's!!

  3. Visiting from Top Baby Blogs, and wishing you TONS of luck! 2012 is you year, I can feel it :)