Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thank you all so much for your prayers, love, and support. 
It meant a lot to me to read your comments, and e-mails. 

I am on CD 33, BFN, and no AF. Here is why:

I went to the doctor's on CD 21 to get a blood test to find out whether or not I was ovulating on my own. I had done 'Ovulation Kits' at home the past few months so I was positive that was not the problem. But I was wrong.

I got a call from my doctor's office on Tuesday, November 22nd and the nurse informed me the doctor wanted to see right away and my progesterone level was at 0.09. She told me they are really low, and I am not ovulating.

I went to the doctor's office the following day; in disbelief, as part of me hoped this was not true. But it was confirmed, I am not ovulating.

I have anovulatory cycles, that means I get my menstruation every month but an egg is not release so ovulation does not occur. The doctor explained that this is the most common cause of infertility. No further testing are needed at the moment since we have a diagnosis that explains why my husband and I are not conceiving.

The doctor explained various treatment options and assured me that I will get pregnant. Even though it is nice to know he is confident it will happen for us, I had my doubts.

So, we are starting with a combination of two medicines: Provera and Clomid. He instructed me to take a pregnancy test before starting Provera to make sure I was not pregnant. I took the test on Friday and it was negative so I started taking the medicine that night. I am currently on day 3 of taking this. Provera will induce my menstruation. I used Provera last cycle since I did not get my AF either. I will start taking Clomid 50mg on cycle day 5 for 5 days. I need to test for ovulation starting on CD 10 with OPKs and 'Baby Dance' starting on CD 10 until CD20 every other day. He also told me the best time to BD is 36 hours from my first positive OPK reading. I will then go to the doctor's again on CD 21 to see if I ovulated or not.

Based on my CD 21 results, he will increase the Clomid dosage to 100mg if my body did not respond to the 50mg. The dosage will be increased until ovulation is reached. If Clomid does not do the trick then he will prescribe Metformin. So that means, I will be taking: Provera, Clomid, and Metformin.

If that does not work, then he will add a trigger shot. He assured me that there are different options that will help me ovulate before IVF.

I spent a few days crying over this. I am not going to lie, seeing the doctor do a big circle around the word 'infertility' scared me. For the first time, I felt incomplete. I am the reason why my husband and I are unable to conceive. I know my husband will do anything for me, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to give him the joy of parenthood. He told me a few days ago to get myself together and climb out of the hole I have been digging with this whole infertility journey. He is right. There are options. I have to be positive, and have hope. We will get through this and we will be pregnant (sooner or later).

I am feeling a lot better about this whole anovulation diagnosis since yesterday. 
I will continue to stay positive during this infertility journey.
I will have faith, I will pray, and I will believe that one day,
we will have a positive pregnancy test (BFP)!


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