Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Sticky Note "INFERTILITY"

My husband makes everything better.
He really does. So as we were driving home tonight, I read him this post. He listened.
He told me that I should take this whole experience as a "blessing"
A blessing that there are treatments available
A blessing that we were not in this situation twenty plus years ago
A blessing that we live in a country that offers health care benefits
A blessing that we have options!

I guess there is a big sticky note on my forehead that screams "INFERTILITY"
Am I angry? Yes, I am...

I listen to the radio and within minutes,
an advertise from 'Shady Grove Fertility' clinic starts playing

I get online and within seconds,
advertisements about 'Infertility' are in every page

I get on my facebook and you guessed it,
more infertility advertisements


I walk into my office and half of my co-workers are suddenly PREGNANT
or have a story to share about how it took them 2 months to get pregnant...

I decide to watch some televison last night from Hulu+ and there it was...
19 & Counting
or should I say? 20 & Counting

Celebrity gossip websites...
Jessica Simpson is pregnant

and a few minutes ago I check my personal e-mail and I got an e-mail titled
"fertility- what every man (and women) needs to know"

I want my husband to give me a big hug and tell me everything is going to be okay!
Too bad I won't see him for another two hours :(


  1. Found your blog! A friend of mine has been going through this same struggle, but don't our husband make everything seem so much more managable? My husband's name is Nathan too!! I grabbed your button! lad to have you aboard!!


  2. Rachel,

    I can't believe your husband's name is Nathan too :)
    My husband does make everything seem easy! I do not think I would be able to go through this without him...

  3. LC,

    I am trying to be positive! I guess my emotions took over me that day. I feel much better now. If you read my new post, I am less angry/sad. I am now just scared. But I guess it is normal to feel this way. How are you doing?