Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am not sure whether or not I should use OPKs this cycle. I am officially on CD2 today after taking Provera for 10 days. I am scheduled to go to the doctors on CD 21 to test for ovulation. 

I am struggling to decide if I should wait until my blood test to confirm or deny ovulation or if I should test at home as well so I am not surprise of the results. 

My husband thinks I should not test this cycle. Even if I get a positive OPK at home, the blood test can still come back negative, right? So, should I spend money and purchase a kit? or just wait for my blood test?

When I asked the doctor if I should continue trying, he replied "yes". I can do the SMEP again and start baby dancing from CD 8 every other day. 

My friends think my "problem" is that I am stressing too much about this whole trying to conceive journey. So, perhaps taking a break from BBT and OPKs would help me relax a little bit this cycle. At this point, I am not sure what I am going to end up doing. But I sure know that I am afraid about my upcoming doctor's appointment. 

Let's say I go to the doctors, take the blood test, and it comes back positive. Do I celebrate I am ovulating on my own? or do I start crying because that means something else is wrong? Which one is worse? I feel like I am stuck again. I feel hopeless. 

... and if its negative! What is the next step? Clomid? 

If I start Clomid, how many cycles until I am pregnant? One, two, three? I know Clomid treatments start as low as 25mg and they go up... 50mg, 100mg... which dosage is the correct dosage for me? 
...what happens if my body does not respond to Clomid? Okay, okay... I will not get ahead of the game!

Maybe I am feeling this way because I want a quick solution... I want to be pregnant now. I should probably have a different perspective about this, but somehow I can't (at least not now). 

I know that my husband and I will be parents one day! I guess I am just anxious to find out when the next chapter of our life begins...(or is this the beginning?)


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