Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 chix.

My friends called me Bridezilla a few years ago
When I am pregnant, they may call me

and then they can buy me this T-shirt!

I found this awesome maternity clothes website called 2 chix and I am in love... Their voluptuous tees are cute with sassy sayings! and they are 100% cotton.

and for my husband...
The 'he shoots, he scores" t-shirt is a must :-)

Seems like my husband is going to have a huge selection of new t-shirts.
He NEEDS to have the following t-shirts:

Looks like my husband may be getting all these t-shirts for x-mas! 


  1. Those are hilarious shirts!! I hope I can buy some of those for my hubby one day too.

  2. LC,
    I am in love with the t-shirts! When I am pregnant, I am def going to buy a few! I am sure you are going to buy some of those too :-) How long have you been trying?

  3. We've been trying for 7 yearssss! But we had 2 miscarriages last years so of course bc of that they told us to take some time off. I just can't believe how many women are going through the same issues!

  4. LC,
    I was surprised to learn how many women are going through the same issues as well! I started blogging as a way to "calm" my emotions. So far, I have been blessed with meeting other women going through this. It helps to be able to relate to others.