Sunday, October 30, 2011


I spent a couple hours this morning learning about Clomid. One of my husband's co-worker told him that I really shouldn't take any hormones because of birth defects. I never really thought about this until my husband mentioned it to me last night. 

Okay, so Provera is a hormone, progesterone. This medicine is used for various menstrual problems. This medicine is not recommended if pregnant or breastfeeding. I am not pregnant nor breastfeeding. In my case, there was no other solution to my menstruation problem. I needed my menstruation. I was on CD65 and no AF and plenty BFNs. When you are trying to conceive having to wait around is not really an option. I was not going to wait to have my AF naturally. 

I trust my doctor. He is one of the best in the area. I decided to go to him because he was highly recommended by two of my friends, he has great reviews online, and a high success rate. I spent a lot of time and tears searching for a good doctor. I felt relief when I found one; even though I have to drive about an hour away from home to see him. My husband seems comfortable with him as well, and that was very important for me. 

I look up to my husband for almost everything. I learn a lot from him, he pushes me to be a better person every day, so having his approval meant a lot to me. 

Clomid is used to induce ovulation and its also a hormone, estrogen. If I am not ovulating on my own, is there another option besides Clomid? Perhaps there is... 
But my doctor seems to think Clomid would help us get pregnant if I am not ovulating. The only problem I have with this medicine is the fact that it can increase ovarian cancer. However, this side effect is only if you are taking this medicine for a long period. 

25% of infertility patients have problems with ovulation, and Clomid seems to be a fertility drug that its easy to take with no many side effects. Not to mention 80% of patients who were prescribed Clomid ovulated after completing the treatment. Clomid can decrease the quality of your cervical mucus, and the lining of your uterus. Clomid also gives you 10% chance of having twins. 

But most importantly, in my case, if I am not ovulating on my own, Clomid will give my eggs the chance to be fertilized. This fertility drug could give me the chance to conceive... the chance to be a mom!

There is a chance that Clomid can cause birth defects but this is ONLY if you take it after you become pregnant. Clomid is prescribed at the beginning of your cycle for a few days. So becoming pregnant while taking this medicine is nearly impossible; especially if you follow every step the doctor recommended.

I see no harm on taking this medicine... 

I have until November 15 to learn more about this drug and see if I really need it. If so, my husband and I will make a decision then. 


  1. good luck with the clomid! i have heard of loads of people who success on that medication, i hope you are one of them :) by the way-- your chloe is just adorable.

  2. Thank you! We find out on the week of Nov 14 if we need it... The success rate for this medicine seems promising! I hope it works for us.

    I really need to upload more pictures of Chloe! She is pretty adorable... We are lucky to have her. We adopted her two years ago.

    I just saw your blog and Brooke is so cute... She is a mini fashionista :)