Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby Shower, Part 2 (FINALLY)

After my perfect baby shower invites, it was time to start the planning for the actual part-ay!!! We didn't want a traditional baby shower... you know, the only girls kind of baby shower and here is why:

When my husband finally decided he was ready for a baby... we were excited! I had baby fever for many many years before he finally said he was ready. We were so so excited, we tried, tried, tried, and tried... we then were diagnosed with infertility... lots of tears from me, lots of stress, lots of disspoinments... you get the picture, right? Well, my husband was my rock!!! He was so supportive... he held me tight as I cried, he never blame me for my crappy body. I knew he struggled with it but he never EVER let his feelings affect me. He was there at every appoinment. He cheered with me every time we got one or two follicles. He dealt with my mood swings. He was just AWESOME!

So, why not have a baby shower for both of us? After all, we were celebrating OUR baby. Lots of people thought I was crazy because you know, "baby showers are for girls only"... I didn't agree. I didn't care. I wanted my husband there to celebrate. Not only him, but his friends too. Why not? We wanted to celebrate with EVERY person who supported us, and love the baby as much as we did and do.

I needed my husband, and my dad there! I loved having them there. It was awesome! My brothers came too... and a lot of my husband's friends came too. We had so much fun. The boys even had a keg. We had so much fun. The day was PERFECT!

The food table!
Baby Shower Decorations
Drinks with cloth diapers :)
Love, love my shower decorations

Favors table

Baby Shower Favors

Candy Table

Baby Shower Gifts


Baby Shower Cake!

I loved my cake!!

 We had so much fun opening the baby' gifts. We were overjoyed with how generous our family and friends were to us. We are blessed to have such an amazing group of people to love, and cherish our baby.


and the grand final...

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