Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Infertility tried stopping us, 
but we won the battle!!!
~Our Journey~

Our infertility journey started with tracking my basal  body temperature (BBT)
After several unsuccessful attempts, we decided to move forward with our first IUI

Waiting patiently at the RE office for our IUI appointment 

IUI done; let the waiting begin...

Faint Positive HPT

Hubby's present! YOU ARE GOING TO BE A DAD!!!!

Checking out strollers after our BFP :)

Mother's Day Card from hubby and the baby...


Hubby reading 'The Hunger Games' to our baby!

My pregnancy bump! Growing, growing...

Hubby's new bookmark :)

A big breakfast? or pregnant? :P

17 weeks pregnant #blessed

Loving pregnancy!

Hubby working on the baby's nursery!

Chloe stole the baby's duck!!! Silly doggie :)

I can feel the baby's kicks #inlove

A glass of wine in the nursery while learning about babies

Loving my bump!

I truly love being pregnant!

and the crib is here!!!

Hubby is putting together the crib

Almost done!

Way too excited about parking here! I waited too long for this

Last doctor's appointment

Last pregnancy picture!!!!

We are at the hospital!!!!! :D

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