Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guest Post

Hello readers of  Oh Simply Loving You blog!
My name is Christa and I blog over at the Young&Restless Blog!
Today I am guest posting and decided to talk about being a wife and mother! But first, let me introduce myself. Im 22, been married for almost 4 years, with him for almost 6 years. We have a 2 year old daughter named Braylee, and 2 babies in the sky (miscarriages). I have hypothyroidism (no metabolism), LOVE the color pink, love dirtbikes, and just got into doing photography! Now that you know me so well (ok so maybe not WELL) lets get on with the good stuff.

Being young and care free is great fun, sometimes a little too fun, but EVENTUALLY, whether it comes sooner than later, or later than sooner, we all settle down, find our soul mates, and maybe start a family.
Sometimes these milestones in life happen unexpectedly but none the less, they happen.

Tying the Knot:

Marriage is a BIG step in life. Going from single and care free, to having ONE person to have and to hold FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE is HUGE! Marriage isn’t like being boyfriend and girl friend or even engaged. You can always break up, and even call off wedding. But marriages are not intended to ever end. Yes it happens, all too often, but you don’t go into a marriage expecting it to ever end. Some people never even get married because they cant handle the commitment. And honestly, I think those people are SMART. You have to be READY for marriage. So many people jump the gun and get married, and soon realize they made a mistake, or fall apart over small things. Marriage is NOT easy. You will hit many bumps. But you gotta work through them. Don’t let them get worse. Marriage counseling is NOT the devil. ITS OK to need outside help! You have to realize that sometimes YOU are the problem too (I know, crazy right, we are perfect!). You cant always blame your spouse. You have to be big enough to know when you are the one in the wrong. Treat your spouse like when you were in your “honeymoon” stage. Keep the fire burning. GO ON DATES OFTEN! And always remember, put the toilet seat down, and make your husband buy your tampons cuz its funny!

Creating Offspring:

Don’t worry im not talking about the creating process cuz we all had our maturation program ;). Bringing another life into this world is INDESCRIBABLE. If you have not had this experience yet, I cant even express how amazing it is. Adoption is just as amazing. What I mean by “bringing” a child into the world is just becoming a parent in general. Its not easy. it’s a HUGE adjustment also. You no longer think about yourself first. This tiny little person is now your number one priority. Movies dates slow down, Dinners out become slim to none, vacations are minuscule, your high heels turn to sneekers, the contents in your purse turn into binkis, diapers, rattles, kid snacks ect. When you go out shopping for yourself, you majority of the time
come home with things for your kids instead. Sleep becomes a thing of the past, messy hair and sweats become your new style, and bathing is a joke. Haha I bet all of you parents laugh at these things, and all you kid-less people are thinking “is that supposed to make me want kids? Cuz im scared now”. The truth is though, that all that stuff doesn’t even matter. NOTHING in this world is better than holding your baby in your arms for the first time. Smelling their baby breath. Seeing their first smile. Hearing them call you mommy or daddy. Hearing them tell you they love you. Seeing how concerned they get when you cry. Running around playing with them day in and day out. See them grow and learn. Having them cuddle with you. Its seriously SO amazing. There are NO words to describe how POWERFUL your love and bond for your children is. Nothing more joyous than having their sweet presence in your home filling it with all the love and laughter that comes with it.
If you havent experienced either of these things you are in for a treat. They are GINORMOUS steps in life. They will be your most challenging times and your most rewarding. But you have to be ready for them both.

young and restless
Christa Cox

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