Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life lately is amazing.
 Our baby was born on 12/01/12 at 9:04am, weighing 7lbs 2oz, 20 inches.

My husband is the best father ever. 
Parenthood is incredible. 
I will never truly understand how you can love someone you just met so much. 
The meaning of unconditional love, yeah! that's the kind of love you have for your child.

All the struggles, all the cries, absolutely everything we went through has been worth it... Never, never give up hope. I thought I would never have the opportunity to be a mother and here I am, enjoying every second of our baby's life.

I wanted to do a post for each event during our pregnancy (gender reveal, baby shower, ultrasounds, etc) but I did not have the time or energy to do them :(   There was so much going on during my pregnancy that I neglected the blog. But I think I am ready to start blogging again. I am ready to share all about pregnancy, the baby shower, the birth, and parenthood :)


  1. Congrats!! SO happy for y'all!

    1. Thank you, LC! How are you? Going to your blog now to check on you :)