Sunday, April 15, 2012

IUI #1

It has been a while since I posted an update on my "infertility" life. As mention previously, I had an IUI done on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012. It was the perfect day, it really was.

I took the day off because I wanted to be relax; stress free. I woke up to my husband's alarm. He got ready for work and I wished him luck giving his sample. I was nervous and anxious, but felt happy. I tried going back to sleep but instead I decided to watch some shows online. My puppy was laying next to me sleeping. The hubby gave me a call on his way to the fertility clinic and I was a nervous rack. I was so nervous that I decided to take a shower. He called when he was done and we decided to meet at his mom's house.

It was very important for me to have him there with me. Although he thought it would be weird, I needed him there and he knew that, so he was there. A few days before our IUI, I asked him to create a playlist on my iTouch. He did it the night before the IUI. It was perfect.

I tried on different outfilts. I felt like I was doing a little runway show. I decided to wear a pink dress with a black sweater and black sandals. It reminded me of our trip to Cancun. I felt pretty, special, but most importantly calm and lucky.

I kept asking my self. Could this really be it?

I got in the car and drove to meet with my husband at his mom's house. We watched television for a little bit and then went off to the fertility clinic again. We got there way too early so we decided to stop at this bakery shop. We got a vegetarian pizza, a coke, and yummy desserts. The pizza was delicious, but I stopped eating it after I realized there were onions in it. 

We finished and drove off to the fertility clinic. I believe we tried stopping at a pet store but it was closed. We went to the fertility clinic and waited until my name was called. It was approximately 12:30ish pm when they finally called me. We went back on the room. I undressed, and started listening to my music.

The doctor came in and asked if we felt lucky. We sure did. We laughted and the doctor handed my husband's sample to him. It was pink. I thought PERFECT! My favorite color. I asked to see the semen analysis and saw his sample post wash was 7.7million. I asked if it was okay and the doctor said "we like to see it over 10million". I didn't care.

Dr. A asked my husband to keep the sample warm while he prepared everything. It was uncomfortable, and at one point painful. Before I knew it, it was done.

Dr. A and nurse K set the "sperm" clock for 10 minutes. I laid there, listen to music, and waited until it was done. I did not want to move from that table thinking the sperm was going to leak *TMI* I know...

Well it didn't. I felt really secure, happy, and lucky.

I went home with bad cramping. The cramping lasted for a few days, but then dissapeared. I survived the two weeks wait.

...You will need to stay tune to know the results and what we are up to now.

PS. I will share pictures later!

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  1. OMG how did i completely miss this post!?? What an amazing/Nerve racking experience to go through!! I hope everythings been well since then!! Fingers/toes crossed and praying hard for yas!!!

    1. Thank you!!! How are you feeling? I am so so so excited for you... Baby # 2, here she comes :)