Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update: Sonohysterogram

I went to the doctor's last Monday to get my Beta; however, AF arrived before the clinic called with the results. I went in for all the blood work the RE ordered and today I was told everything was good; except, my AMH levels are low. The doctor did not seem concern and still wants to move forward with the IUI.

I also had the Sonohysterogram today and the results were all good :)

I am really excited about doing IUI for the first time. I am taking 100mg Clomid and going to the doctor's on Monday to see when I get the trigger shot. He will also be adding progesterone gel this cycle. DH goes to the doctor's on Monday to prepare for the IUI and had blood work done today.

I am assuming we are doing the IUI between Tuesday and Friday of next week. I guess we won't really know until I see how many and how mature my follies are on CD12.

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